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BC Studies Review

  A review soon to come out in BC Studies, the British Columbian Quarterly. I’m quite happy to be anything but boring.

Sharon Wood 0

Jacket Review: Sharon Wood

“Sue Oakey’s story of love, loss, struggle and growth is more like an experience than a read.  It is as if Sue took me by the hand and gently guided me through her journey.”

Maria Coffey

Jacket Review: Maria Coffey

“In this touching memoir, Sue Oakey-Baker charts her harrowing journey through grief after the death of her husband in a mountaineering accident.  Writing from the hear, she recounts her struggle to rebuild a new...

Fred Stenson

Jacket Review: Fred Stenson

“The sudden loss of a loved one can cause love and sadness to weld.  In this courageous, heart-true story, Sue Oakey charts her brave journey into and out of the labyrinth of grief.”

Angie Abdou

Jacket Review: Angie Abdou

“In this emotionally intense memoir, Sue Oakey explores the psychology of risk and paints a moving portrait of those called by the mountains as well as those left behind. Finding Jim is a thoughtful and...