Finding Jim: Buy the Book


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m so glad you are interested in buying my book! Thank you!

I’ve tried to summarize on this page your options to purchase the hardcover and electronic versions of Finding Jim. I hope you find it useful. If you are in a hurry, most of the options are only a few clicks away. . . .

Your Local Bookstore

It’s important to support your local, independent retailers. Here in Whistler, I am deeply grateful for Armchair Books and its owner, Dan Ellis for all of the support. If you are in Whistler, please help return the support! If they don’t have a copy in stock, they can quickly get one for you. Most of the large bookstore chains also have Finding Jim in stock.  

Direct from the Publisher

Rocky Mountain Books has a link on its page that will allow you to purchase a copy directly from its distributor, Heritage Distribution.

Online Retailers

You can purchase physical and electronic copies of Finding Jim from most online retailers, including, and  The Rocky Mountain Books website has an extensive listing of online purchase options, and rather than try to replicate the list, I’ll instead ask you to follow this link.

Directly From Me

If you want a signed copy of Finding Jim, I have a limited supply and would be happy to sell one to you.  Please contact me if you’d like one, and I can arrange it.